No Deposit Bonus Casino Sites UK

The stiff competition in the online gaming world means casinos have to step outside their comfort zones and get creative with their bonuses and create No deposit casino bonuses. The first thought when looking at no deposit bonuses is to jump right in, but we’d recommend checking out our list of low deposit casinos here with our comprehensive list.

To get your hands on a no deposit bonus, you must set up your account with a casino that offers the promo. When your player account is up and running, the operator credits you with bonus cash or free spins. On this page, we’ll explore the best no deposit bonus casino sites within the UK and which bonus types are the best to go with, and all completely free.

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100 Free Spins No Deposit

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18+. New Players only. Up to £300 Deposit Bonus available via 2 deposit boosts. Min deposit and stake £10. Up to 50 (15p) locked free spins (FS) to use on Supernova Crush. Up to 50 (20p) locked FS to use on Coins of Fortune. 40x wagering requirement on bonuses and FS wins. Win paid as bonus credit. T&Cs apply.

What Are No Deposit Bonuses?

There’s a reason why no deposit offers are a cult favourite among online casino players. Most times, you get this offer soon after joining an online gaming platform. Think of it as the casino’s way of thanking you for choosing it ahead of its competitors.

As the name implies, you don’t need to deposit anything to receive the offer. All you need to do is sign up with the gaming hub, and the bonus is yours. Depending on the casino, the bonus can come in the form of free money, free play, or free spins. But more on that later. Regardless of the promo type, you get to play without risking your money. What makes it even more appealing is that most casinos allow you to win real money in the process. With many of the casinos on our list, you get to keep the winnings.

Such a bonus puts players at an online casino at ease. It allows you to take the gambling platform for a test run of sorts at no risk. In some cases, you don’t even need to divulge your personal financial information to receive the bonus. But you do have to provide a valid email address. Using the bonus, you get to try out different games, ascertain the platform’s usability, and evaluate the responsiveness of the customer service, among other factors. You can later decide if the site is worth joining full-time or not.

Selecting Online Casinos with No Deposit Bonuses

Seeing the benefits that come with no deposit bonuses, it’s not surprising that most players will search high and low for such offers. However, not every online casino with no deposit promotions is worth joining. There are other considerations you need to keep in mind before arriving at your decision. Each time you see an online casino that comes highly recommended by us, rest assured it meets or surpasses the following criteria.

Licensing and Registration

First things first, we never recommend or advocate for unlicensed online casinos. In fact, an unregistered online casino is a red flag, in our opinion. It means it doesn’t operate under any recognized legal authority. As such, these kinds of operators have the potential to be fly-by-nighters. Even if they stick around, there is zero accountability on their part. Because they don’t have a reputable body governing their operations, they may play by their own rules. In such cases, violation of players’ rights is imminent. And you have nowhere to report. That’s why we always prefer to side with licensed operators to give players peace of mind.

Web Design and Navigation

No matter how exciting a casino bonus is, your gaming experience dwindles when faced with a complex and hard-to-maneuver betting site. The gaming interface contributes to whether or not you’ll enjoy the games. That’s why we always check the online casino’s web design. Is it intuitive? Are the games neatly organized and easy to identify? Is it easy to make a deposit or place a wager? Are the games easy to play? In our experience, these factors make or break your wagering experience on a betting platform. We always recommend online casinos that offer a practical web design for seamless navigation.

Availability of Customer Support

Even if you regard yourself as a gaming connoisseur, at some point, you’re going to need assistance from a casino’s support team. You may need to seek clarity or ask questions concerning technical aspects, registration, depositing, withdrawing, or VIP programs. When this happens, you want a casino you can account on to address your issues. That’s why we check the kind of communication a casino avails its customers. Live chat platforms are given to allow real-time assistance. Toll-free lines and emails are also acceptable. If the casino can provide round-the-clock support, even better. We prefer to steer clear from platforms with sketchy customer service communications. And you probably should too.

Loyalty and VIP programs

No deposit bonuses are great. But they don’t last forever. When the thrill of these bonuses is long gone, you want to make sure you have something to stick around for. Worthwhile online casinos put as much effort into attracting customers as they do into retaining them. Some even go as far as offering exciting loyalty and VIP programs to reward patrons for their loyalty. That’s why we pinpoint the kind of loyalty and VIP programs available. We also check if the programs are structured realistically and ascertain if notable benefits and rewards come with the status. Do members of the program get a dedicated account manager, exclusive bonuses, or higher withdrawal limits?

Types of No Deposit Casino Bonuses

Players appreciate online gaming for the convenience, variety, and flexibility it offers. It caters to gamers of varying interests, skills, gaming styles, and bankrolls. As such, players have

different tastes, whether it be for games, payment options, etc. Bonuses aren’t any different. To keep their bonuses interesting, online casinos don’t offer the same type of product. If you know every bonus type and how it works, you’re in a position to claim one that’s best suited to your preferences. Here are some of the popular no deposit bonuses worth looking into.

No Deposit Bonus Cash

With this type of no deposit bonus, the online casino offers you in-game cash. You usually receive a cash bonus after successfully opening your player account with the casino in question. The operator immediately credits your player account with money that you can then use to play the casino’s games. You don’t need to visit the Cashier or deposit section of the operator to deposit and wager. And usually, you get to win real money which you can keep. But that, of course, depends on the casino.

No Deposit Free Spins

Some casinos prefer to give a no deposit bonus in the form of free spins. The number of spins you’ll receive will vary from one casino to the next. But you’re looking at anything between 5 and 500 free spins based on the type of casino. Most UK free spins no deposit promotions link to specific slots. Then you’ll have some that you can use to play a wide range of titles. Also, you need to realize that casino games have minimum wagers. If the titles linking to the bonus have high minimum wagers, free spins will come in handy. That’s because regardless of the minimum bets, you get to enjoy the exact number of spins offered by the casino. Ultimately, that gives you more gambling and winning chances.

Free Bets

Free bets are mostly available at sports betting sites to attract new bettors. However, some operators offer free bets to existing players as a way of retaining them. When an online casino presents you with bonus bets, you’re free to use them to wager on selected games without making a deposit. However, you can’t withdraw free bets right away. You need to wager them first, and if your bet wins, you can cash out. That’s provided you meet any rollover conditions set by the casino.

No Deposit Mobile Bonus

Some casinos structure no deposit mobile bonuses to customers who use their mobile platforms to access the site. In other words, you can only claim this kind of bonus when using the operator’s mobile platform. That means players using their desktops or laptops to join the gaming site can’t claim the bonus. Depending on the casino, such a bonus can also be made available to existing players. However, it’s most popular with the former target market.

Refer a Friend Bonus

If you like the products that an online casino has to offer, chances are your friend will do so as well. So, for merely nudging your fellow gaming buddy to join an online casino, you can receive a Refer a Friend bonus. That is the casino’s way of thanking you for recruiting another player over to their side. Some casinos give you the bonus, the minute your friend successfully opens a

player account. Others only hand it over when your friend commits to a real money wager. Also, you can receive this kind of bonus in the form of spins, money, or free play. It all depends on the casino.

No Deposit Casino Bonus T&Cs

Once you claim your no deposit casino bonus, you may want to win real money. It’s not an unreasonable request since that’s part of the promotion’s appeal. However, casinos put various terms and conditions in place linked to the bonus. Among other reasons, these conditions are there to ensure the continuity of the casino and protect them from underhanded players. While there are a bunch of T’s & C’s you need to be cognizant of, the most popular are wagering requirements. Let’s discuss them further below.

What Are Wagering Requirements?

You may see different casinos referring to wagering requirements as rollover or play-through conditions. The terminology may differ, but the concept is the same. These are conditions linked to bonuses stipulating how players must use the bonus and winnings. It’s a multiplier that signifies the number of times you must play through a bonus before you can withdraw winnings. As you can imagine, these requirements impact how players can spend the money they generate from winnings. The multipliers will vary depending on the casino. But at the end of the day, the lower the number, the better. That’s because you don’t have to wager your winnings for prolonged periods before you can withdraw.

How Much Wagering is Standard?

As mentioned, wagering requirements vary from one casino to the next. Some casinos can go as low as offering a 1x wagering requirement. That means you only need to wager your winnings once, and you’re free to withdraw. Then you find other casinos that offer anything between 5x, 10x, 30x, 35x, 40x, or even 50x wagering multiples. While there are no hard and fast rules stating how much wagering is standard, the consensus is 30x is a fair trade. Anything bordering on the 35x, 40 x, or 50x realm is considered steep by most players.

Wagering Timelines

Again, online casinos are at liberty to tailor their bonus wagering conditions as they see fit. Imposing a wagering timeline is one such privilege. That’s why you’ll find that most wagering requirements usually come with bonus expiry dates. It means you have to make sure you wager your bonus and winnings within the stated timeframe. The timelines differ. Some casinos keep the timeframe to only three days, while others impose seven, fourteen, or 30 days as the limit. Your best bet is to go through the bonus terms and conditions carefully to ascertain the exact time frames so that you don’t wind up missing out on your offer.

Keeping Track of Your Wagering

As previously highlighted, players don’t have the liberty to wager on winnings for indefinite periods. They always come with a timeline that you must observe and adhere to. That’s because once the time limit is up, chances are you’ll forfeit any remaining bonus and winnings. To avoid this, you need to actively keep track of your wagering. Unless you have a razor-sharp memory or the casino allows you to track your wagering online, you’d do well to keep a diary of the time frames and wagering requirements. Alternatively, you can ask the support team via live chat. But it always pays to have your own tracking method going on and then double-check with the operator when in doubt.

How Much Do Casinos Offer in No Deposit Promotions?

There’s no disputing how the no deposit casino offer will go down as one of the most coveted bonuses of all time. While several casinos are capitalizing on the effectiveness of this bonus type, they make a few tweaks to the promotion to suit their brand. As a result, different betting sites offer a different amount of bonus cash or numerous free spins. The variables impacting the variations will depend on the casino’s other product strengths, type of promotion on offer, among other aspects. It’s not, however, only the amount that matters.

£5 Bonus No Deposit Casinos

You’ll find a good number of casinos offering £5 no deposit bonuses. Whatever you do, don’t be too quick to dismiss the small amounts when it comes to no deposit bonus money. Sometimes there’s great value disguised in the minute packaging. £5 no deposit bonuses usually come together with a free spin offer, so you get double value from unlocking the offer. Although it’s a relatively small bonus, it typically comes with no wagering requirements. That means you can withdraw your winnings right away. In addition, you usually can use it on any game, which is another plus.

£10 Bonus No Deposit Casinos

Some casinos beef up the bonus to £10. Naturally, the more money you have to beef up the bankroll, the more appealing it is. Such a bonus may or may not come on its own. In the case of the latter, the casino might decide to pair it up with an ongoing promotion. For the most part, £10 no deposit bonuses usually come with relatively okay terms. The wagering requirements are reasonable, and so are the wagering timelines. Also, casinos often link this bonus to satisfactory games.

£15 Bonus No Deposit Casinos

From what we’ve gathered, the higher the bonus amount, the more stringent the terms get. For instance, £15 bonus no deposit offers usually come with less favourable terms. We’re talking about very tight timelines. In this case, you may have to use the bonus over several days or risk forfeiting it. Also, the games linked to the offer may have high minimum wagers meaning you

can only use the bonus money on a few games. The maximum cash you can withdraw may also be below. But ultimately, it depends on the casino.

Can I Use No Deposit Casino Bonuses on Mobile?

Mobile gaming is fast becoming popular. Any casino worth its salt offers customers the option to use their mobile devices for on-the-go gaming. Seeing as the platform is very popular with players, owing to its convenience, many operators are capitalizing on it. That’s why several casinos choose to offer no deposit bonuses as part of different mobile campaigns. Depending on the casino, the bonus can be in the form of free spins, bonus money, or free play. Below are some of the promotional campaigns that casinos use when offering no deposit bonuses.

New mobile app

The average casino does the bare minimum by optimizing its site for mobile gaming. In this instance, players can only access the site when searching via their mobile browser of choice. Unless the casino uses top-tier software for its site, there might be a few performance hiccups along the way. That’s why some casinos choose to develop native apps to present their customers with seamless gaming. As a way to introduce or launch the app, the casino may offer a no deposit bonus. The aim is to encourage customers to download and use its new mobile app.

Mobile phone login

Aside from giving customers a convenient gaming interface, mobile platforms are an effective communication channel. Some casinos may want to take advantage of this avenue to reach customers and keep them in the loop with any marketing or other communication. But in most cases, players need to provide the casino with their phone numbers willingly. Many players might not be forthcoming in this regard. So, some casinos may provide an incentive for you to register with your phone number to open channels to further communication. They do this by offering no deposit bonuses when you sign up with your phone number.

Social media

Casinos understand the need to utilize every marketing avenue available to reach customers. And it’s no secret how social media is a very effective communication channel. So, many casinos are choosing to open various social media pages on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Such platforms allow for increased engagement and interaction with players. Some casinos may offer no deposit bonuses on social mobile platforms. But on condition that you first follow them on their various social media pages.

No Deposit Casinos Final Thoughts

It doesn’t take much to understand why no deposit casino bonuses are among the most popular casino promotions. Few players need a nudge for them to register, so casinos give them access to their gaming catalogues for free. As the name suggests, no deposit bonuses don’t require you to deposit anything to receive the bonus. Most casinos offer this kind of bonus as a strategy to attract new players on board. All you need to do is open an account with the casino, and you get your no deposit bonus. It can come in the form of free money, free spins, or free bets. It depends on the operator. But you should always make sure to observe the quality of the bonus before you claim. Check if it comes with fair wagering requirements, reasonable expiry dates and if it’s linked to exciting games with fair payouts.

More than anything, investigate the other aspects of the casino besides the bonus. Check if the site is safe, user-friendly, has a responsive customer support team, and loyalty programs. Or, you can simply go with one of our well-vetted casinos and enjoy the coveted no deposit bonus optimally.

Jake has been writing and reviewing casino brands in the industry over the last decade and has won several awards for his work. He uses his experience to establish reviews and comparisons between casino sites and sources the best slot sites, casino bonuses and more!